Despite a 2,000 year legacy, a range of political, cultural and financial factors are making it harder for the Churches to maintain their work and ministry. Life has become increasingly challenging for Christians in the Holy Land as well, and these difficulties have caused a worrying decline in the Christian population throughout the region. While pilgrims and tourists continue to come to the city in their millions, fewer Christians call the Holy Land home. 

The Christian Churches and their properties are under threat of unfair appropriation. Holy sites are regularly desecrated and church property is consistently vandalised. At times, worshippers are subjected to verbal abuse as they travel to pray. This systematic intimidation is particularly carried out by right-wing radical groups who wish to see Christians driven out of Jerusalem. A number of issues face Christians in the Holy Land, and we have the ability to address many of them.

Here, you can access a number of sources - news articles, first hand accounts, and project updates - that can keep you informed of the Christian communities in the Holy Land. You will find informative pieces on current issues and tensions, but also stories of good-will. We believe Christians are an essential part of the diverse and beautiful fabric of Jerusalem, and we want to identify the places where that fabric is fraying but also where it is being strengthened. 


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