Feasts of the Holy Land

Watch our HOLY WEEK PILGRIMAGE video series of daily devotionals with Bishop Graham Tomlin. Walk together through each day of the eventful last week of Christ’s life.

Feasts of the Holy Land is a series of 30 minutes interactive live streams, free of charge and for all audiences.

ICoHS wants to draw attention to the many things to be thankful for within Christianity and learn how we celebrate our faith.  In the coming year, ICoHS will organize several virtual 30—minute events highlighting ‘Feast of the Holy Land’ and show how people are practicing their faith (prayers, processions, food, traditions, etc.).

In case you missed our live event on the 16th you can still see it here:

Upcoming Event: Holy Week Podcasts – During Holy Week (as of March 27, 2021) we will have daily reflections available on our website in preparation for the feast of Easter!

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