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The ICoHS will provide the Churches in Jerusalem with a society of support from around the world. The community will benefit from regular communication, participate in special events, contribute to certain areas and support specific projects. ICoHS will comprise two types of participants: Partners and Members.



Partners will play a vital role in the creation and development of the ICoHS. Partners will comprise senior figures from different walks of life (business, politics, media, philanthropy, etc.) who are willing to be identified as significant figures within the work of ICoHS and able to share their resources, expertise and contacts to promote the work of ICoHS around the world. 


Beyond its Patrons and Partners, ICoHS will build a larger base of support from individuals and institutions who wish to support the ministry of the Churches and contribute to the ongoing life of the Christian community in the Holy Land. Members will be engaged through regular communication. ICoHS will equip members to raise awareness about critical issues in their own communities and sphere of influence, support the Churches through prayer, charitable giving and advocacy and invite members to visit the Holy Land as pilgrims.

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