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Over the last years, we have witnessed the power of unity and solidarity in support of Christians in the Holy Land. In preparation for the establishment of ICoHS, we have secured renewed support for the Christian community from Heads of State, global religious leaders, and senior politicians and officials around the world. These efforts have already effected significant change, strengthening Christian institutions through our Hope for the Holy Land Campaign and radically improving the conditions for the local Christian community. By becoming a member of ICoHS you can build on these foundations and transform the prospects for Christian Churches and families for generations to come.

“The International Community of the Holy Sepulchre has been established to advocate on behalf of the Churches in the Holy Land. This Community will strengthen the bonds of the Ancient Churches of Jerusalem with our brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe. It will help the Churches address the pressures in a proactive and collaborative way with lawmakers, faith communities, and concerned Christians. Through the restoration of holy sites and support for the Christian communities, ICoHS will help strengthen the diverse fabric of our beloved Holy Land.”

– Patriarch Theophilos III to Members of Congress, 2018

All this has helped to forge greater unity among the Churches in the Holy Land. The Council of Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem – the leaders of the thirteen recognized Christian denominations in the Holy Land – are united in their support for ICoHS, commissioning us to grow an  international community that will stand up for these Churches and their congregations. We invite you to make a difference for the Christian community by becoming a Founding Member of ICoHS.

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