Bridge Building

The world’s gaze has been upon Jerusalem for centuries. As the spiritual capital of the world, it has attracted a great diversity of Christians throughout time. Today, we celebrate the cooperation and companionship of the various denominations in the Holy Land, manifested in the activity of the Council of Patriarchs and Heads of Churches in Jerusalem and Council of Church Leaders in Jordan. Yet ICoHS understands that the universal church is much broader than the Old City of Jerusalem. 

A major goal of ICoHS is to connect the Churches in Jerusalem with their sisters and brothers around the globe, particularly those in Western Europe and North America. By building bridges between different faith communities, churches can begin tap into each other’s wisdom, histories, and practices that create the vibrant and diverse Christianity united by a shared belief in Christ.   

This is more than dialogue – it is joining hand in hand with one another. While this will certainly help us all understand what it means to be a part of the universal church, it also prompts opportunities for pilgrimage, education, and ministry partnerships. At a time when the population of Christians in the Holy Land is under 2% and declining, it is vital that the global church seeks out opportunities to support and enrich the presence and ministries of the Churches in the Holy Land. 

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