The Kathisma site, re-discovered in 1992 during road works along Hebron Road in Jerusalem, is believed to be the spot where the Virgin Mary, pregnant with Jesus Christ, stopped to rest. Once a magnificent and large octagonal church that welcomed large numbers of pilgrims, it was destroyed in the 11th or 12th century. Today, the remains of the church are still visible. 

​ICoHS plans to enable the preservation and rehabilitation of a new Kathisma site. It will serve as a permanent pilgrimage site for those travelling between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. A protective dome will be erected over the remains of the church, but the site will also narrate the importance of the Virgin Mary. It would serve as a significant pilgrimage site in the midst of an archaeological garden. More so, it would also educate pilgrims and tourists about the figure of the Virgin Mary and her importance.