Kerak Sports Academy

The Kerak Sports Academy [KSA] is a community development project which seeks to transform the lives of young people and improve community life in Kerak. At KSA, sport is an exciting means to a much bigger end. By engaging young people, under the age of 25 years old, through a wide range of sports and creativity, we will build a more healthy community, foster deeper relationships between the different communities and raise up young leaders within the town and wider region. 

In recent years a lack of positive activities and opportunity for youth development have lead to young people feeling increasingly isolated and without hope. This in turn increases the tendency for young people to become victims of risky behaviours (addiction, drug dealing and sexual exploitation) and the number of young people becoming radicalised by extremist groups. KSA is not only focused upon the provision of positive activities for young Kerakis but also in utilising the opportunities that sports present for personal development and enrichment.

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