Site of Pentecost

The site of Pentecost represents an exciting inaugural opportunity for ICoHS. This location is believed to be the site where Pentecost occurred. Although the exact location of these events are unknown, many Christians revere the Cenacle’s “Upper Room” as a holy space commemorating these events, and many churches hold their services commemorating these events there.

On the site are a series of catacombs that have been used by Christians since the early church to mark Pentecost. Located in a largely empty lot just outside the present-day walls of Jerusalem, ICoHS seeks to enable the Churches to renovate this area and construct a new chapel on the site of one of the earliest churches, giving the site the religious and historical significance it deserves. Furthermore, as a large lot in a crowded city, the lot will be transformed into a peace garden to be used by all.

The current structure over the ancient catacombs, and the future home to the new chapel mentioned above. The surrounding area (now dirt) will be transformed into a peace garden open to all.
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