Theological Resource Centre

The International Community of the Holy Sepulchre has ambitious plans to renovate a local Jerusalem monastery and establish it as a theological resource centre. It will host an ecumenical and international community of religious leaders, scholars and students. 

The transient community will be made up of individuals and groups on sabbatical, research leave and theological placements. It will be particularly geared towards those interested in Biblical archaeology, history, theology and scripture, as well as those in contemporary social sciences. Spiritually, an ecumenical community will be created.

As more seminaries value the importance of exposing clergy-in-training to the Holy City, this theological resource centre will be well-suited to provide affordable lodging and a supportive community of Christians in the heart of Jerusalem. As a multi-faceted research centre, the monastery will serve the whole ecumenical church, embodying the research, training and practice that makes Christianity thrive around the world. 

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