The ICoHS June Newsletter

“The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace”
Exodus 14:14
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!
These are the words of Fanny Crosby.  She was America’s most prolific hymn writer; born in 1820 and most of her life blind.  She wrote more than 8.000 hymns and songs, among which this one;
“Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine
O, what a foretaste of glory divine!”
When we look at the world around us today, it is encouraging to know Who’s we are and what our destiny is. Ongoing travel restrictions due to the pandemic, lack of pilgrims and continued violence disturb peace and well-being for many in the Holy Land.

During the month of June, Heads of Churches continued to receive Ambassadors and Representatives of local missions to inform them about the challenges and opportunities in the Holy Land. 

His Beatitude Theophilos III received His Excellency Anatoly Viktorov, the Russian Ambassador to Israel.

His Beatitude Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, the Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem received His Excellency Kees van Baar, the Ambassador of the Netherlands Representative Office in Ramallah to discuss matters regarding the Armenians Church and community in the Holy Land.

The Anglican Archbishop in Jerusalem met with The Honorable Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff, the Head of the European Union Delegation and discussed the joint role of the Council of Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem and the European Union Delegation to strengthen the Christian presence in Jerusalem and the importance of supporting the Christian Institutions so they can perform their role in this important matter.
Other Heads of Churches visited area’s which are badly hit by the shelling from last month May.  The Latin Patriarch visited Gaza in support to the families who lost their homes and livelihoods.

At ICoHS we are preparing to participate at the International Freedom of Religion Summit in Washington DC in July and hope to meet many key people at US Government level as well as Church Leaders.

Furthermore, ICoHS is extending their research on the Role of Christianity in the Holy Land and are preparing for the presentation of the report later in October this year.

Next month the Rapid Assessment on church-based education will be finalized and plan to prepare a project proposal to support education initiatives in the Holy Land.

Please pray for the ICoHS team as they continue to develop relationships with Church Leaders, potential donors and supporters despite of travel restrictions and the inability to visit the Holy Land.It is good to know that in troubled times like these God will fight for us! (Exodus 14:14)

Warm regards,
Anita Delhaas-van Dijk
Chief Executive
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